Hey there! My name is Argus Pesqueda and I am from the sunny state of California in the United States. I started my scientific career at Humboldt State University with a bachelor of science in general biology while volunteering in a microbiology lab. My next leap took me to Gothenburg, Sweden where I attended Gothenburg University and focused my studies on plant ecophysiology and my master’s project on the effects of soil environmental factors on methanogenic and methanotrophic diversity in regions of permafrost loss during the summer period. A very interdisciplinary approach in the Arctic to ecophysiology, microbial ecology, and soil science with a sprinkle of high-throughput DNA sequencing and bioinformatics techniques.

As a PhD student at CREAF (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, my role as ESR 8 will be to dive into the metabolome profile of a naturally warming soil gradient in the sub-arctic ForHot site located in Iceland. More specifically, I will examine the role of evolutionary processes, shifts in plant community functioning, soil functioning and carbon and nutrient metabolism, and distinguishing short-term plasticity and long-term adaptation. This project will collaborate with other ESRs of Future Arctic, most notably ESR1, ESR3, and ESR4.

I look forward to creating a broad network of fantastic scientists and institutions of Future Arctic, expand my interdisciplinary knowledge within metabolomics and ecophysiology of the arctic/sub-arctic regions, and become more proficient in computer programming, bioinformatics, and scientific writing.

Outside of research, you’ll find me exploring cities, playing my ukulele (sometimes in the field as well), and biking around. Sometimes all three at once!

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